Kuali Days + DevCon 2018 Presenter Information

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To help you track your preparation, here is a check list you can mark off as you go. Don’t worry – it will remain checked, in the same browser, if you leave and come back.

If you have questions or need assistance, please email us at KualiDays@Kuali.org.

We feel privileged to have you and so many other outstanding individuals presenting at Kuali Days! This page has all the information you should need to get prepared for your conference presentation.

Session Room and AV Set Up

Presenters should bring their own laptop and an adapter to connect to the projector. Projectors can accommodate both HDMI and VGA inputs.

Session rooms vary in size and configuration (classroom vs. rounds, for example), but each room will have a podium, mic, projector, screen, and speaker(s). Smaller rooms will only have one speaker, larger will have two or more, depending on the size of the room.

There will be laptop audio in every room so presenters can play video with sound.

Wifi will be available everywhere, and a wired ethernet cable will be at the podium in each room so the presenter doesn’t have to rely on the wifi.

Speaker Profile

The Kuali Days mobile app will be an important tool for attendees to plan and manage their personal schedules, stay on top of notifications during the event, and have a convenient resource for conference details. It will be accessible by mobile devices, as well as laptops.

Each session has a speaker section, so attendees see who the session presenters are as they build their schedules. It is important for you to create your speaker profile to help us all get to know one another and connect at the conference. It is an impressive gathering of amazing people.

You have been sent an invitation email from the Kuali Days app asking you to complete your speaker profile. Just follow the link and instructions.

It will take only a few minutes to add information for any or all of the following, and you can edit or add to it at any time:

  • Photo
  • Brief Bio
  • Social Media Links
  • Contact Information

Kuali Days Slide Templates

All presenters should use the Kuali Days slide template. The slide template is available in three formats to give you the flexibility to use the presentation platform you prefer. Click the corresponding link below to download the template in Powerpoint, Google Slides, or Keynote.

Powerpoint Template for Kuali Days Google Slides Template for Kuali Days Keynote Template for Kuali Days
PowerPoint Template
Google Slides Template
Keynote Template

Session Slide Deck Naming

For easier coordination, please name your slide deck(s) with the following naming convention:
(Track name_Session Title)

For example, if your session is in the Research track and the title of your session is “Kuali Research is Awesome!,” please name your presentation “Research_Kuali Research is Awesome.”

For additional materials, such as handouts, please name those files, “Research_Kuali Research is Awesome_Handout1,” etc.

Uploading Kuali Days Slide Decks & Materials

Conference attendees expect to have presentation materials (slide decks and featured handouts) available for download to their laptops and devices during and after the conference. We ask that you please help us provide these materials by making them available using the following instructions.

  1. Complete your session slide deck(s)
  2. Create a .pdf copy of your slide deck(s)
  3. Email the .pdf version to KualiDays@kuali.org

We will upload all presentation slides to a public google drive for attendees to access, view and download. A link to the slides will also be added to its session listing to be accessed on the Kuali Days + DevCon 2018 Whova App and the agenda page at the kualidays.com website.

To allow the Kuali Days team ample time to upload your slides to the conference app, please submit your slides by Friday, November 11th.


Please send any questions to KualiDays@kuali.org.

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